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Exploring careers, learning from real professionals, experiencing jobs. That's what we're about.

Our Mission

Enabling job and career exploration.

About Us

We believe it's exciting but also necessary to explore fundamental career-related questions:

  • What type of work do I enjoy?
  • Which skills should I develop?
  • How have others advanced their career?
  • Which job should I choose?
  • What is it like to be an accountant, photographer, nurse, marketer...?
  • Which career offers the right flexibility for me?
  • The list goes on and on.

Job Experience allows you to consume and experience valuable career-related information by connecting with real people who share details about their job and unique career path. See which skills they consider important and tools they use often. Get a sense of salary and flexibility. Explore as many jobs as interest you, and enjoy the experience!


"Thank you for visiting Job Experience. My hope is that this resource encourages you to explore a variety of careers, that it demystifies jobs appearing overly complex, that it shifts the paradigm of what you believe is achievable. I'm truly excited about what's ahead for you."
- Andrew Jenkins