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Job Summary

My job is to manage a store that generates increased revenue for my company. As a manager, I oversee all aspects of sales and customer experience. Each represents a very broad range of subparts. Within sales, for example, I manage hiring to ensure appropriate floor coverage, as well as inventory to ensure our shelves are stocked. Within customer experience, there's cleanliness, associate training, and in-store marketing. While I may not be "hands-on" in each of the subparts, I ensure that they're all operating efficiently. The more efficient each subpart operates, the more likely sales will improve.


Allison's Career Path

I started working in retail part-time during high school. First in clothing and apparel then home furnishing. After completing my Associate Degree, my employer asked if I would consider working for them full-time as a manager. I accepted and have been here ever since.

I didn't necessarily expect to work in retail long-term, but I really enjoy it. I have great relationships with my coworkers and customers. That is key for me.


Hard Skills

  • Staffing

  • Merchandising

  • Sales

  • Math




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Soft Skills

  • Leadership

  • Communication

  • Customer Service

  • Delegation


Work/Life Balance

In my opinion, work and life balance as a Retail Store Manager can be difficult. On average, I'll work around 45 hours per week. There are busy weeks throughout the year though that demand 50+ hours, so "life" gets a little less attention. This is mainly around holidays.

I get two weeks of paid vacation per year, so that helps out a lot. I typically use one week to visit family, and the other to go somewhere I've never been.



According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national estimate for Retail Salesperson is $22,680 (median). National wage estimates by percentile:

  • $17,810

    10th Percentile

  • $19,410

    25th Percentile

  • $29,480

    75th Percentile

  • $41,420

    90th Percentile